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SCM / Dazzle ZiO! CompactFlash USB driver for Linux    
Linux USB driver

Dazzle ZiO!

I like this reader because it's very small and easy to use (no cables), but there are no Linux drivers available (and no documentation about the used protocol either). However, I decided to buy it.
In a first try, I modified one of the existing usb-cf drivers to get some images out of my card.

My driver patches for the ZIO!(tm) USB CF-Cardreader (ZiO CFII Rev1.5) can be found here: zio.tgz



initial hack, zio.tgz contains the modified shuttle_usbat.c and the things I extracted from usb port sniff.
please note that :

  • this patch is a quick (and dirty) hack to the official shuttle_usbat.c (kernel 2.4.10),
  • patched driver does not work with HP8200 anymore,
  • writing to the CF is not yet implemented - but reading is ok (at least for me ;-)

Next steps

I'm planning to clean up code in the near future, best strategy should be to integrate the ZIO! - coding to JUMPSHOT.C (after patching shuttle_usbat.c, i noticed that most of my stuff is more like things in the jumpshot driver - so I started cut-n-paste the parts I needed from jumpshot.c - a rather ugly and "never-develop-like-this" method). (My) next approach would be to :

  • insert the required init and transfer-cmds to jumpshot and try to identify the ZIO at driver init, or
  • create a new zio_usbat.c copied from jumpshot (another xx% sandisk-clone driver),   _AND_
  • activate write mode ;-)

new driver released (based on jumpshort.c), BETA !
Why ?   The hack (see above) is not really a thing to spread, as Linux should support as much 'standard' hardware as possible, I think we need 'clean' drivers.
As of now (I still don't have any support/docs from SCM), it seems that the jumpshot-driver is the best base to start with (and apart from that, i really like the scatter-gather ;-)
Sources can be found here:
ziocf-a*.tar.gz contains all needed source files
ziocf-s*.tar.gz contains only the changed files, rest copied from /usr/src/linux/... (use ./make-small) -- see README for more information.

Any comments or questions ? mail to: usbdev at sm.04de

some other resources:
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DigitalDream l'elite 1.3M digital camera    
Linux USB driver

... work in progress
again, there is NO information available, so all must be done by sniffing usb-port an try to analyze the protocol.
If you have any information about this camera, please mail to : usbdev at sm.04de



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